Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I miss my secretary. She's taking a well-earned rest, she'll need it for all the work I have piled up for her on her return.

It's not just the typing I'm missing - I haven't had more than 1 cup of coffee a day for over a week, the one I make myself when I first arrive. No-one else bothers to ask, no-one else hears how hoarse I get from talking on the phone or to clients all day long, no-one else realises how hard I work! no-one else waters my plants!

I have hopefully rescued my Pepper plant from near-death - it looked dreadful when I started the week out but now it has rejuvenated and is even throwing out new buds! Jacquie will be so proud, and more to the point, won't tell me off! In fact, I hope she won't even notice, which will be a silent brownie point to me!

So far my week has been one curious stew of work, clients, calendar production, raffle prizes, broken washing machines and bereavement clients - the latter have the only legitimate call on my time - the rest should be grateful for what they have received and be truly thankful! All comes to those that wait - and my bladder has now waited long enough, so.......


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