Friday, October 15, 2004

Yaaaaawwnnnn! Is it Friday already? The week has passed in a blur of breakfast meetings - up at 5 on both Wednesday and Thursday - I was also invited along to another this morning but I declined and had a lay-in instead. Jack was poorly so I stuck a Kool'n'Soothe on his forehead, slammed some toast in his mouth and rang work to say I'd be late.

I arrived in the office to be met with a tearful receptionist - I did the concerned compassionate bit - it paid off - I had 2 swears within half an hour. Lunch money for next week! It didn't stop them putting all the nutters or hard to understand people through to me - but then if you have a gift!

I also managed to weave a bit of schmoozing into my day and have 3 mad fools aka guests to join me at dawn next week - and I even managed to blag some cool raffle prizes for my charity ball next month.

In summary - good but long tiring week - Cute who?


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