Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Today did not get off to an auspicious start! Jack came into my room claiming to feel too ill to go to school. I did what my mum would have done, and bullied him into getting ready, the wuss! I should have realised there was something amiss when he wanted a cuddle, something he hasn't done for at least a year unless he wants to tell me about a motorbike he's seen for sale!

Anyway, he was sick on my shoes as we were about to leave the house. So I set off for work alone and able to take the quick route! Wrong! There was a snarl-up on the Clive Sullivan so it took me 38 minutes to progress 2 miles! I get to work and the milkman has failed to deliver - again! I manage to secure some milk on the black market and make my over-sized cup of coffee and put my porridge in the microwave. But hey! We're out of sugar too!

Then I discover the Probate guy has called in sick! Threw his back out whilst suffering from diarrhoea and sickness apparently! So I get all his maddest and most awkward clients phoning in quick succession! It's 11.30 before I even start to look at my post and then the phone is still going constantly - I really must try to be a bit less obliging to the receptionists - sure I want the swears but do they have to give me all the quotes and care in the community callers too?

So I'm not in a great mood when i leave the office, trailing my secretary, who wrote the Knowledge, on route to see a client who I have already decided is purely an attention seeker! She took the wind out of my sails, the sweetest most unassuming lady with really cute much-loved dogs. I weakened a bit at that point.

Then back on the road, I swear the chap in the toll-booth raised a slightly impressed eye-brow at my imaginary Wonder-Woman knickers! To pick up Nick, the Barry White of the Front Row, and then a miraculously recovered Jack and so to County training. We were early by a good half hour but no-one clapped.

Bully and I snook off for some haddock and chips . I figured as I'd not eaten since yesterday tea-time it was forgiveable. 5 hours later I slumped onto my sofa and pressed my answer-phone! "You have no new messages since a week last Thursday! and that was your Dad!"So now I'm going to bed in the hope that tomorrow fairs better! It could all have been so different if Cute had just called! even if it was only to say he was too busy to call. Hey Ho!


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