Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I wasn't in my usual Monday mood today. The day dawned bright and I was early to work having dropped Jack off at school whilst Mum's signed off. I tootled along to work - that car accident the other week has slowed me right down - I'm not quite being overtaken by bathchairs but it's not too hard to imagine the day.

I had intended to crack on with last weeks leftover jobs - instead I found myself sounding the cavalry horn and stepping into the Probate breach - man down with a slight touch of 'flu!!!!! So my mind was not entirely tuned to Property dynamism when I unexpectedly pulled off 2 coups.

First of all, Lovely Little Lisa was having problems with an apparently awkward conveyancer from a neighbouring town. I got on the phone to him, made him laugh and think I was doing him a huge favour and what do you know - we got what we wanted, ( he didn't know I was about to concede defeat 'cos I had another grieving widow to see) saved our client some money and I let Lisa call her to tell her the keys were ready for collection.

Then, I had a difference of opinion with one of Cute Suit's mates over a rent deposit. Again I could easily have given in, this time more out of a sense of complete self-interest - but I dashed off a charming yet slightly ballsy email -and what do you know? He caved in.

I was beginning to feel invincible so when the rather bohemian client I had just saved from future tenant disputes rolled up unannounced in reception, I came over all Diva and sent my secretary out to see him. Doesn't he realise how busy and important I am?!! You have to treat some clients like crying babies and leave them 'til they tire themselves out.

So how rewarded did I feel when she tiptoed back into my office with something hidden behind her back - he'd only bought me a Pepper plant, festooned with bright red, purple and yellow bell fruit with the message " A hot and spicy gift for a hot and spicy lawyer!"

Some days I just love my job!


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