Thursday, September 09, 2004

The work situation hasn't changed - I've spent the last few days superstitiously leaving one file to be worked on when I've left at a ridiculously early hour of 6.25pm each night. I'm trying to enjoy the leisurely pace - it would be so much easier if Cute Suit had a similarly low workload - but alas, he is burdened and about to go away for a weekend of larks with his mates so I am way down on his priority list - at least for now.

Mum's got herself admitted to hospital - not really sure why - she was diagnosed with Mumps lsat week and started choking last night - so it sounds like Fat Neck Syndrome. I hate to sound so callous, I am concerned, but she's ill so often you get sort of conditioned to it.

I've officially got the Fat Backed Secretary sacked - she had a letter of dismissal waiting for her as she arrived back from her 3rd Cruise in 2 months - good riddance - hope she uses her time at home to work off the hump.

I've also seen Mark, my successor at my old job and a good friend - he seems pretty cool with the situation so I am greatly relieved. I spotted my old boss just ahead of me as I made my way to the car park tonight so I must confess to dawdling a little so as not to have to talk to him and answer any difficult questions - as long as my proper friends are still speaking, I have surprisingly little allegiance to a firm I was with for over 7 years and had thought I would stay with to my dying day - life can be greener on the other side.


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