Monday, September 06, 2004

I was in very grave danger of reaching the bottom of my In-Tray today. I was working on the last file - it was only about 3pm - I would have gone home at lunch time were it not for the fact that I had a client at 4.30pm. But what do you know? as magically as the little brown jug, my in-tray filled up to about 14 new matters or queries by the time I had finished with my client.

I must worry too much - I do worry too much - my gorgeous potential new boyfriend has just spent a weekend with his only daughter back home, he has also undergone a speed seminar (something which I can also enjoy(?) later this month) he hasn't called or texted, he has no reason to, but I am now wondering, despite my better judgement, if he has gone off me, or worse - hates me! Daft thoughts, but they enter womens heads - wherefrom? Crap previous boyfriends and a certainty that we are not worthy of nice men bothering with us - so used are we to the formerly described crap boyfriends.

Nice things did happen today - I went to see Alison's Mum & Dad, Ella's new Grandparents, to express my joy at their new grandchild - they were so pleased to see us I almost asked them to adopt us - but I think Ron has already done that in his own mind - he told me he was so proud of me he considers me his honorary daughter. That meant so much to me, not in any way to detract from my own fab Dad and Mum, but we do all have a tendency to take one another for granted and he had no reason whatsoever to say that - he's clearly forgiven me all the teenage years of barffing in his downstairs loo when unable to hold my own weight in beer.

And I booked a weekend in Wales - Lisa is clearly up to her arm-pits in other peoples shit - I shall arrive with shoulders unto which she can unburden and Jack can enjoy his paternal family- wonder what havoc Stephen can muster?


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