Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Went on a sort of school trip today. Me and 2 of the other conveyancers met at the Boss' mansion at 8am and then set off en masse to Malton for the launch of one of our major introducer's online legal service. A room full of estate agents and mortgage brokers in a hotel overrun with old folk, smelling of cabbage (the hotel) is not easy on the eye or stomach before breakfast - how much make-up? how does streaked hair move in that direction? and that was just the men!!

I networked, did my bit, got a really tickly cough through the presentation, and then hoped for a detour to FlamingoLand or an impromptu lunch at the Rockingham Arms on the way back to Hull. The boss picked up on my hints, as I wowed over his SAT NAV and leather interior, but he was too eager to get back to the office and see how many new business emails were waiting for us.

So my afternoon was spent very productively, after treating myself to an Egg Mayonnaise sandwich ( Cheese Nazi is history!) making massive inroads into the 6 huge piles of files that 2 and a half days away from the office can generate - 68 emails, for goodness sake - no Spam! Just daft!

I did intend to go back after I shifted my car from the multi-storey but the heavens had opened on me as soon as I ventured forth outside the office and after 5 minutes driving around in circles trying to find a parking spot close enough to dash from I gave up and headed back home to pick up Jack sans Chinese much to his disgust.

I should have spent the night cramming for my Cleaner interview tomorrow - as always I left it 'til the last minute to think about painting the walls/ceiling, tiling the entrance porch and putting up curtains with more than 4 hooks on them - but it's too late now - and besides, I much preferred spending an hour or more on the phone to Cute Suit getting tips on what to wear for the interview, him having passed with First Class Honours.

I did pass something tonight - a jumper off the Humber Bridge - poor lad. There were police and CoastGuard helicopters and Launches everywhere - no sign of him though. The river was in full flow upstream so I guess he'll turn up on Read's Island in a couple of days, much better than getting washed out on a downward tide - I have had far too many conversations with the Coroner's Office!

Getting back to Cute Suit - his FDH has settled so no lunch Thursday, thought about inviting him to Castle Howard on Saturday but he's going to watch Liverpool so probably won't get back in time. I've been invited into the Directors' Box at the rugby in York on Sunday - might have a spare place so that's a possibility - but until then I'll just have to wait. I have a feeling he'll come up with something - he's got a day on the golf course in Harrogate tomorrow so I'm sure he'll get some inspiration - and I suspect i might get some texts! Tee hee!


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