Monday, August 16, 2004

What an absolutely Phenomenal weekend! Blazing sunshine, good company and Madonna!!!!

Wow! The woman is a living legend! 2 hours of thrilling, exciting, mesmerizing entertainment. Worth every penny of the £75 - I would have been happy to part with twice as much and still have felt I'd recieved value for money.

We had booked at last minute and found ourselves herded to seats way up in the Gods looking straight down onto the stage. We were quite happy and were busily congratulating ourselves at how lucky we were to even be there when we noticed a few people talking to a steward, apparently complaining that they couldn't see the screens and that they were being blinded by a floodlight pointing straight up at us. Lorraine went to see what all the fuss was about and 5 minutes later we found ourselves reseated to The Most Fabulous spot at the other side of the arena, on the first tier, aisle seats immediately in front of the Corporate Boxes and yards away from the front of the stage!!! What a fucking result!!!!!

Madge did not disappoint either - giving the performance of a lifetime - I cannot fault it in anyway shape or perfectly-formed thighs, ass and corsets! Best live entertainment I have ever seen. I urge you all to go if you get the opportunity.

Cute Suit rang me from his barbecue just as we were leaving Manchester, putting the icing on the cake. You can imagine how joyfully I danced about Lorraine's kitchen and verandah to the strains of the Goddess Ciccone-Ritchie 'til almost 5 am.

Today dawned (just before 11) in just as bright a vein, with a heavily-pregnant Ali, laid-back husband Keith and gorgeous cherub-becurled Ollie joining us for brunch. Lorraine and I then enjoyed a few lazy hours of sun on her balcony whilst rehydrating. As I carefully negotiated the M62, accompanied by The Immaculate Collection ( car making a very worrying metallic scraping noise whenever I steered left which I discovered as I pulled into Tesco's petrol station to pick up the Sunday paper, was caused by a nigh on shredded wheel arch) I recieved a welcome text from Cute Suit who had combatted his threatening hangover with a swift hair of the dog at lunchtime.

To cut a long story short (and I rarely do), I was invited over to enjoy a glass of wine and the late afternoon sun. I dashed in, had a shower, bunged some Carmens in, and picked out my most plunging summer frock, my sexiest Betty Boop stilettos and a set of the new underwear that I have recently found myself buying, and headed straight back out - all in less than half an hour - a feat that will not have gone unnoticed.

I've just got back. Left him still wanting more, I hope - at least, we still have a lunch date on Thursday and he did apologise for dragging me out to deepest Lincolnshire and has promised to be much more gentlemanly next time and do the driving!

I really really enjoyed his company and the opportunity to check out his pad. Very clean ( good sign seeing as how I've hired the cleaner he recommended) smart, stylish, private and room for a woman's touch. I didn't kiss him - I was driving so was very sober and I got to and in the car quicker than he - kicked myself a bit all the way home, not something I would recommend with a dodgy wing whilst chatting to Rachel without hands-free - but I think I've got his attention and I quite like the sense of courtship - as Rachel so graphically pointed out, by now it would normally all be over!


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