Monday, August 02, 2004

Was it really only Thursday that I made my last posting? So much seems to have happened.

Friday started very strangely - first time in over 15 years that I haven't been in control of my own completions - and I had loads - but my Able Assistant seemed to have everything in hand, so i started on my post about 8 hours earlier than usual - a good omen for getting away early that night for the Head's party. I made the foolish mistake of mentioning to the boss, just after lunch, that I was in danger of actually getting caught up to date and that he might want to think about sending some more work my way. Classic error!

By 2pm I was frantically trying to trace money from Bristol bound for South Africa, had the possibility of 2 families sleeping in a van with all their belongings (one of whom was an old friend and colleague), and a very handsome but slightly deranged control-freak of a first-time buyer threatening to carry out Ozzy Osbourne style abominations on my favourite(!) estate agent. All was well by 4.30! I have the organised regimentary skills of Montgomery when I sat my mind to it!

I left just in time to get home to change and head out to the Head's party - picturesque riverside setting, flowing wine and a hot-tub in the garden - where else would a stressed girl want to be on an evening? A few people did sample the relaxing wonders of the tub - albeit in small groups - I joined Jack. It was fab! The result being that we are getting one - a family decision was made - my mum and step-monster are paying!

Saturday was supposed to be rock-climbing day - I made a token effort by putting on trousers, tailored smart ones, but that's all I have, and high-heeled mules - I dropped Jack and his Japanese chum off and then made off to the shops before my client had chance to haul my ass in a harness 12feet above him - not a facet of myself that I relish him seeing.

It was a frantic race back home to get changed into a bustier and new beaded poncho and then off to Leeds for Eva's hen-night - a very sophisticated affair made all the more traditional with the addition of a flashing "Bride To Be Sash", some handcuffs, a few sorry foam sexy(?) images and a pop-up willy disguised as a bottle of Instant Erection pills! Classy, tasteful, discreet enough to have at the table in Leeds swankiest eaterie - but still in keeping with the hen-party theme. I hope she was pleased with the result, and appreciated that I could quite easily have opted for the full-on mega-vibrator and blow-up doll experience!

Today was our final good-bye to Leeds shopping, or at least the experience we have enjoyed for the last 4 years - get up late, take an age to have breakfast, hit the shops by about 2.30, get hot and tired with different agendas, find the Sunday papers and crash in a restaurant somewhere to sate our appetites and ease our feet - le Bistro de Jour being La Tasca, by the window in the afternoon sun.

I finally caught up with Jack by about 7 o'clock tonight - he's heading out to Spain in a couple of weeks - later than I had expected and probably means I won't develop the sudden urge to book a last-minute holiday to relieve my boredom, by the time I've noticed he's gone, Eva will be back from her honeymoon and will be on the phone to tell me off for choosing to wear a corset at her wedding!


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