Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This week is going to be a doddle! The Japanese boy arrived and was picked up by my mum. I called on Sally & Lee on the way home, ex-colleague and friend (& cheeky husband) who are  moving(by the grace of god and my superior conveyancing abilities) on Friday. They are coming over to the civilised, albeit 1950s civilisation, side of the river. Had a cup of tea, signed a few boring forms and caught up on the chinwag.

I got home just in time to limply shake hands with my new temporary Far-Eastern adoptee and wave him off for a meal with Jack & my mum. Hope she'll be this attentive all week.

So I have enjoyed a very leisurely night on the sofa - 2 hour telephone conversation with my Cruse Chair - she's lovely - and a brief snooze. The house is reasonably acceptable, the kids are sorted (thanks, Mum), my able assistant has everything under control at work, and work has started on decorating my new office, and Cute Suit is as prolific with his emails as ever. All is well with the world.


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