Sunday, July 25, 2004

Well the eye mask worked. For the first time in a week my puffy, cold-affected eyes looked acceptable, my hair fell perfectly about my shoulders and I took 2 changes of top and a spare pair of tights to work. Jack thought I should wear the stripey blouse - he's obviously acquired a sense of the slimming effect of vertical stripes osmotically, and has an inate knowledge that fabric stretched tautly across the female chest is good. Jacquie preferred the baby pink scoop neck - I went with her recommendation.

I was on tenterhooks from about 12.45 - I knew his hearing was at 12.30 and being a simple Directions, wouldn't take long. It didn't - my mobile rang at 12.55 - he was on his way into Reception. And there he was, looking just as I remembered him, smiling eyes, lovely broad shoulders and a well-fitted Cute Suit!

I wasn't sure how to greet him. I normally sweep confidently through the door and extend my hand to my waiting clients whilst introducing myself - but he wasn't a client - and I wasn't brave enough to peck him onthe cheek - something which I would normally do on a regular date - so I just popped my head round the door and said " Hi - are you ready?" Doh! I hope he couldn't see I was shaking mildly.

He asked if he could leave his briefcase somewhere, I took him though to my office, wishing I'd tidied it up a bit more. My large fan was on, and I stood right in front of it, well it worked for Debbie Harry!

We went to Venn - the newest and best restaurant in town - just got mentioned in the Michelin Red Guide - and had a drink whilst pondering over the menu - we both chose sausages and mash washed down with fizzy water. Paul, the owner, wasn't there which was a bit disappointing - I had wanted to look popular and well-known - but the waitress did a sterling job.

Lunch was yummy, the conversation flowed perfectly, the body language was very encouraging, and the leather seats clearly impressed him.  It was delightful - we had coffees and chatted and chatted and then realized it was 3pm - we reluctantly sauntered back to my office and he lingered about, I think a little uncertain whether to kiss me. I hung back a bit, not certain whether Jacquie was skillfully aiming her handbag mirror round the filing cabinets ( I discovered later that she had cleared her desk in one leap as we'd left and positioned herself under the blinds to cop a glimpse).

I got a text just after 5pm - very good sign - I think I will be hearing more from him very soon.

So today I spent the afternoon watching Jack & Byron try their hands at rock-climbing. They loved it - 3 hours of extreme exhilaration - and that was just sitting watching - both of them showed a flair for it - and it didn't go unnoticed that the regular guys had rippling muscles and six-packs. They were exhausted when we left - could barely grip a bottle of water. They want to go again next week.

Tonight was a party at Jack's Headmaster's. He was the only pupil amongst a number of teachers, fortunately all the ones he likes and gets on well with, it rained, but there were enough gazebos and a large well lit garage so spirits were not dampened. I was driving so there was never any danger of embarrassing him in the hot tub with his DT teacher. It was a very pleasant evening, good company, lots of well-prepared food and a beautiful garden overlooking the river.
I haven't felt this relaxed and happy in ages.


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