Sunday, July 11, 2004

The party went reasonably well. The 28 or so teenagers were well behaved and polite in the most part and my hot dogs and Nigella Onion Mush was well received. There was only one casualty - Laura was a bit pooorly, bless her. I put her to bed and kept a close eye on her - couple of hours later and she had made a remarkable recovery. Boo was bouncing off the walls a bit too but she managed to keep her dignity.

I was a bit concerned when I discovered one of the girls was still in Year 6 - I think she was someone's younger sister - but she tended to hover around the kitchen near me so I think she was pretty safe. One of the boys was a bit older too - 16 - just left school - he didn't look it - but he was fine - think he was after one of the girls.

They were all nice kids, very chatty, I can't be doing with shifty quiet ones, and they all slept down the garden in the tents eventually - apart from Victor, who had mixed really well but had the common sense to grab a comfy bed.

It was all cleared up and back to normal by the time I surfaced this morning. The kids had all gone home, camp had been broken, all the cans and bottle tops had been picked up and even the brazier had been swept out. Jack had even hoovered. I think they had such a good time, they were keen to keep on my good side so they can do it again the next time Mum and John go away. I don't mind as long as they stay down the bottom of the garden and don't disturb the neighbours - that's my job when I have a party every couple of years.

I'm cooking traditional Cottage Pie for Victor now. I had thought about doing a proper roast but the fridge is so full there would be nowhere to keep any leftovers. Jack will pretend not to like it but will clear his plate soon enough. Then strawberries and ice-cream. I like all this entertaining lark!


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