Saturday, July 10, 2004

This could be a very long 2 weeks. When I said Victor was quiet, I hadn't bargained for just how uncommunicative he is - all he does is lay on his bed reading comics. Jack is really making an effort and trying to get him involved with things, suggesting games to play, films to watch, music to listen to, but Victor is having none of it.

Byron came over this morning - he's back from Spain for a few weeks - and has come to stay for the night - he and Jack optimistically set up the tent at the bottom of the garden and carried armfuls of blankets, duvets, pillows etc down there - Victor just lay on his bed - didn't show the slightest bit of interest. They've all walked over to the next village this afternoon to meet up with some of the others and attend the Summer Fayre. Victor has gone too, I hope he's not dreadfully unhappy or homesick.

I've had an even lazier day than normal. The housework is all done, all I had to do was push the Dyson around and put in the odd load of washing. I was so bored I found myself cleaning the cooker! I even took the heavily-baked-on rings off and scrubbed them til they were gleaming. I've toyed with the idea of cleaning the windows or doing the ironing, but I need to leave myself something exciting to do tomorrow after rugby-training.

I think I might go and bake some Nigella Snickerdoodles and Granny Boyd Biscuits now - the girls will be dead impressed with Jack's mum then - beautiful, clever, immaculate house and wholesome ability to bake and not worry about her enviable figure!! I need to get out the house - I'm becoming delusional! Quick! Tesco! Help me!!


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