Saturday, July 03, 2004

I've got another quasi-celebrity claim to fame - but I can't really tell you about it - and it isn't really that great!

But do you remember Survivor - that reality show where they put a load of dreadful people in an even worse place to see who started to eat each other first? Well it turns out, a chap I've been emailing on a particular matter was part of the show! Gosh! I might have been even nicer to him if I'd known - you know how Starstruck I get!

Anyway, that brightened up an otherwise boring afternoon - I've had a pretty uneventful sort of day really, trough after the peak maybe - not that it was low in any way, nor that the last few days have been high! Mind you, I did like getting texts late from that cute solicitor - and I blush now when I remember suggesting we bunk off work for the afternoon and go to the park - I didn't think for a minute he would bite - and he didn't - good job, too, as I had appointments booked this afternoon - now I just pray something proper happens on this case so I have a serious rather than tenuous reason to make contact.

Got to shop for birthday gifts for Jack this weekend - he wants a motorbike - I was thinking more book tokens! Maybe we'll meet in the middle somewhere - like a biking DVD - or I could take him to Cadwell - now that's a thought - men in leather.


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