Monday, June 28, 2004

My week started well. Up on time, good tunes from Wogan, sunshine, a dividend cheque and a smile on my face from my chat with The Throb last night. Could it possibly get any better?

F*** me, yes! I had a huge pile of post in my pigeon-hole - always makes me feel good, sign that my insecurity still lingers. It took me nearly an hour to get it all asigned to the right files, what with all the calls and the need to use the new toaster. But the day went off well - all mail answered, and even a few files from the pending pile dealt with - and then at a very punctual 4pm, I got an email from that sexy solicitor - I just know he waits til his post is signed and then sends me a note.

I had thought about not replying, but I've never been cool and a few short emails later, and we are chatting, and chatting, and chatting - 2 unanswered calls to Jack and an hour and a half later, I leave work, move my car and meet the girls I should have seen at 5.30, who have by then eaten, for a coke and a fulldown on life chez Chez!

It wasn't all Me! Me! - but it could have been - I am so brimming with enthusiasm right now - and I suspect from where they were sitting it was. I will make it up to them in Knicker Exchange!


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