Saturday, June 26, 2004

I've missed my secretary -she's been poorly sick for 3 days now - I've just had Ling to do my bidding - and she did great for the first 2 days - but today! I gave her my completions to do - only 10 today and all purchases (bar one which was a very straightforward sale) - they were all t'd up and couldn't have been an easier day to start - she did well - but she thought she did outstandingly well - she was smugger than ever this afternoon, and kept bustling into my office every 5 flipping minutes - I shut my door for a reason, being "I'm busy - I vant to be alone" - Jacquie knows that instinctively - Ling obviously sees it as a challenge - or an invitation to irritate me as much as possible - she was outstanding at that!

So, tonight I was home just after 8pm - had a good long chat with Eva - God! she gave me some great material for my book - then Jack came home and went online - I fell asleep - only just woken up (3.45am) - and I've missed the Throb - means I've got to wait til Sunday at the earliest now - and I'll need an early, pre-school night then! Bugger!

But I did have some fun with that cute solicitor before I left work - dinner is now just a few emails away - I can feel it!

Oh! and I went shopping in an extended lunch hour - get me! having a break on a Friday!! I could get used to Ling after all! - tried on loads of tops in the sales - and the only ones that fitted were 14s!!! and then some were a bit baggy! Didn't find the perfect corset-style top I was after, but got a very acceptable scoop neck chiffon number which will look great with my new leather skirt tomorrow night.

And given that the Throb is clearly sleeping, Imight even manage to be eye-bag-free for this party - so all in all, I'm reeeeeeeaaaallllllly looking forward to this party tomorrow!


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