Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My pleas have finally been heard by our super-efficient Office Manager - I now have a large oscillating fan keeping me cool. My request for a sun-bronzed bare-chested handsome mute with an ostrich feather fan standing behind me drip feeding me grapes was ignored but you can't have everything.

It's not arrived a minute too soon either, having spent most of the afternoon playing ever cheekier and flirtier email tennis with a cute, and I suspect newly-single, solicitor who I used to deal with a lot when I worked in my home town. Our paths have crossed for the first time in over 8 years on a friend's house purchase - it's so much more fun when you can inject some humour into what could otherwise become a dull legal process.

There are some boring old farts in this game - too stuffy and far too serious to be taken seriously - thankfully, they are a bit of a dying breed - even solicitors have to recognise that they are performing a public, client-centred service - not doing the public a favour by allowing themselves to be instructed and paid handsomely for it. The only ones that tend to get paid anything like a decent return now are estate agents!

Mind you, most of the agents I deal with regularly are really helpful, like Sarah, bless her, who spent all afternoon phoning removal companies to find a van for one of her sellers for tomorrow, just so my clients, who were further down the chain could move the day before they go away after a very stressful 3 month delay. It worked - contracts were exchanged by 3.30pm - client is delighted - so much so he offered to take me on holiday with him at the weekend - if only I'd managed to find an assistant who I can rely on to cover for me, I might just have taken him up on it - I've got to know he and his wife quite well from our daily chats and emails.It won't see the same next week!

Oh well! What I can be sure of, is that there will soon be another to take his place!


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