Monday, June 14, 2004

I am The Last Single Person in Cheryl's World. Eva is officially engaged - ring, the works!
It's all been a bit quick,but I'm not surprised and I'm utterly thrilled for her - except she's talking about having the kind of wedding where no guests are invited! I always expected that of her - and I do respect it - but I assumed there'd be an exception for me - I've picked evil black spines out of her feet on the first day of our holiday,for goodness sake! You would have thought that would count for something!

Anyway, I am quite looking forward to being the only one dating - now that I sort-of-ish am - well at least getting out of the house and off this toneless telex offspring. I'll have much more interesting stories to tell at dinner parties than how Rupert changed a fuse in just one sock - he was so brave! and what the interest rate hikes mean to their holiday destinations!

Now! I'm not bitter - just practising!


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