Friday, June 04, 2004

I thought yesterday was bad! It was! But not a patch on today.

I broke myself imposed curfew of midnight on a school night and stayed chatting on the internet til a stupid hour this morning, having opened a bottle of wine, washed down with a glass of Port!

So, of course I was late dragging my sorry ass out of bed which put everything behind for the rest of the day. I've just spent the entire day chasing my own tail! Completions all went well - thankfully only sales so not too demanding - but all my exchanges have just collapsed in a heap! The most unlikely people have pulled out nothing more than a whim! Leaving one of my oldest friends and his wife in a right old mess! I'll go and see them at the weekend and take them a bottle of wine - little consolation for having potentially lost their dream home, but a sympathy token nonetheless.

I've just taken the traitorous hire car back and picked up my own - she looks so nice after a valet - but that's left me over £120 light of pocket after having had a couple of measly bulbs fixed to get her through her MOT.

Now I'm back in the office - it's bliss not to hear the phone ringing - and about to start on this morning's post mountain. By the time I'm done, I'll be ready for a shower and another bottle of wine - but then it is the weekend! Think I have another date on Sunday! This one is really handsome and just the right age - 37 - Geordie too so likely to sound nice. Best have an early night tomorrow - face pack, foot scrub, the works, maybe I could just get a body double! Yawn!!!

Right - to work!!


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