Tuesday, May 18, 2004

4 lbs! 4 whole flipping pounds! That's more than twice the size of Tutty's premature young son! In 2 weeks! Olympic dieter, or what? and that's without any effort (throwing myself around Eva's front room in my pyjamas to the strains of Shang-a-Lang doesn't count - although I either pulled a muscle or my sciatic nerve is offended!)

Didn't work out tonight, on account of the offended Gluteus Maximus - but I skipped home - did I say skipped? I meant drove, very slowly 'cos I was so tired from having allowed myself to be chatted at for hours last night on msn - via the car wash - she looks so much better, and now I can see through the windscreen facing the sun, much more reassuring for me and other road-users - does that make me eligible for a discount on my insurance do you think?

At this rate I'll be raiding Eva's wardrobe again by September! Or I might just treat myself to a whole new one! and it will not be from George!


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