Thursday, May 06, 2004

Horrible day! Yuk! Yuk! Started badly - didn't get out of the wrong side of bed, just got out too late! Thank goodness my secretary is trained to give me a wake up call when I don't appear within half an hour of my ETA! I finally did battle with the dreaded Sasser worm last night and had a bit of a cyber fest into the bargain - well it was his birthday! and he is very cute! Anyway, the birds were up before I was even tucked up - must remember not to do that on a school night again! But it was fun.

Culminated in some awful bully of a client - someone else's, not my own - calling me to tell me how dreadful I am and that if he can't move tomorrow he is blaming me personally and expects me to pick up his hotel bill if he can't move into his new des res at the exact time of his choosing! I was incredibly calm, polite and expect a nomination for Customer Service of the Year award! I apologised that I had been unable to see my client ( his buyer) at the precise time that he had been available to come and see me, and tried to explain that my diary had been solidly booked - being a Dentist he might have understood! - I had seen him at the first available opportunity this week - 10.30 Tuesday - and promptly dispatched my final searches and cheque requests - the fact that a leading High Street lender cannot guarantee my client's mortgage money will be with me tomorrow is a result of the crazy state of the market - not my fault, nor is the fact that the undoubtedly-clever-and-talented bully of a Dentist has booked his van despite advice to the contrary from his own solicitor! He nearly got to me, just 'cos I was so tired - my instinct was to scream, rant, rave and cry - all at the same time - but I took a leaf out of Eva's book and she would have been so proud of me! My secretary hugged me afterwards, and the Law Grad who I'm training at the moment has started looking at me in awe - my boss promptly cancelled his registration with this guy's practice and supported me 100% ( he is so lush, my new boss!)

I'm over it now - and infinitely proud of my power to not cry when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball under my desk and sob for England!

Tonight, Matthew (Peter, David, and Dean), I'm going to be Ali McBeal - but without the fab clothes, protruding neck bones, phantom babies and boyfriends!

Thank fuck tomorrow is Friday!


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