Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Managed to leave work relatively early tonight - I call 18.15hr early these days - and I met my lovely pal, Sarah for a quick drink, catch up(need to keep up to speed with all the old office politics - not much doing since I left by all accounts) - and then to the salon for a demonstration of The Most Recent Cosmetic Technology!

My mobile went off just as we were walking to the venue - normally I wouldn't have answered it but it was one of my cuter, younger, more handsome clients who was calling me after 7 from home - had to be a date! Apparently not, I forgot to add he's also a friend - who sees me very much in the same role - he needed legal advice! Should have turned the bloody thing off the minute I left work!!Anyway we walked into this normally buzzing salon to find Hull's re-enactment of the Michael Jackson's Thriller video! God! These women were hideous to look at - and after I'd turned my phone off they were even worse to listen to! At least 2 of them had to have wigs on first inspection, closer scrutiny (it wasn't that interesting) would make you question whether someone would go to the trouble of adding obvious grey roots to a bouffant extravagant affair! Either she has a very long-term prognosis and needs wigs for every week of the month or she sees her hairdresser more often than her husband sees her - if you know what I mean!! Shudder!

Sarah and I deftly swerved out of being the model/guineau pig for the evening - that went to Evelyn - a very Game Bird about 70 who had skin to die for (well she almost had). It was interminable but we dutifully boked appointments for the next week and left with almost the entire contents of the Sample box in our handbags - let's see if it works!!


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