Monday, May 17, 2004

I decided at 3.30pm today that I would resign from my Charity position - I had not even started to look at Friday's post, let alone today's and my in-tray was higher than my washing pile at home! Something had to give and my charitable indulgences seemed the obvious choice! I rang the new Chair-in-Waiting and told her I would be taking a few months sabbatical - I meant it! I came off the phone all proud of myself at having finally said "no!" - not an expression I've used often as a 30-something single mum!

I went to rescue my carat 6.30pm from the multi-storey with every intention of going back to the office but the further away I got from it the more I decided the work would still be there tomorrow - so I started to drive home and before I knew it I was in the car park of the Baptist Church - venue for the AGM! Well, I had invited the speaker, would be rude not to show my face!

I'm pleased I did - the proceedings started perfunctorily - I found myself agreeing to remain as Publicity Officer! (joke! - I write the odd editorial for the paper and run a Ball or 2!) I could have kicked myself after all my brave words on the phone about being too busy but then I never could say no!!

But my speaker! What a delight!! A localish-ish Funeral Director! Not your normal choice of bon vivant, but an absolute pearl! Funny, compelling, witty, discreet, compassionate,and extremely respectful to the objects of his dialogue (and dialogue it was with audience participation encouraged)! He has a book out in a couple of weeks - " Yours,Eventually", 120 stories randomly collected over 30 years as a funeral director - if his delivery of half a dozen of those anecdotes tonight are anything to go by, he will have you in raptures and tears for the small price of £6.99!! Mark Tyack!! He'll be big - you saw it here first!


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