Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well that was a pleasnt weekend. Eva & I tried out the new Bibi's venue in Leeds last night - 30's decor - allegedly £3million - well spent but not that convincing - we would have both preferred to see Eurovision on the widescreens than Robbie Williams, but the clientele more than made up for the lack of tack on the silver screen - no Emmerdale stars easily spotted, but lots of wanna-bes and hairdressers!

Talking of which, my hairdresser horribilis was sitting right next to us! He was hired by my former coiffeuer d'amour in Harrogate when the deliectable Adam had to take a break from cutting. The new guy had good credentials, ex-West Row, but dire client-flattery skills! He earnt himself a listing on my people-not-to-wish-well-to list when his answer to my recently-dumped needs for ego-boosting hair-do's was that he was a hairdresser, not a miracle worker! I'd driven 80 miles (ok, so Scunthorpe to Harrogate is probably further than you'd normally go to a hairdresser - but Adam was worth it!), was prepared to spend a weeks salary on my crowning glory - and he made me feel like a bit part in a low-budget soap!

We watched him negotiate his ostentacious Lobster Thermidor(he didn't have a clue how to eat it) whilst his pretty Date picked at her prawns - then we left hoping they had been too consumed with themselves to hear our commentary on their body language.

Eva was reasonably well-behaved, given that she'd wielded a carving knife at me earlier, purportedly in jest, but I know how bad her hand-eye co-ordination is- I was genuinely disturbed! and all because I couldn't get the cork out of the Champagne bottle! She fell getting out of the taxi - she does live on a very steep incline which is not high-heel friendly - but then she wasn't wearing killer heels and had drunk the lion's share of the wine! I laughed - she tried to karate kick me - but the wounds( deep, very bloody) meant she only managed to hit my shin, which is now sporting a lovely puce bruise. Her knee looks much more impressive and will surely earn her lots of sympathy from her celebrity boyfriend when he flies back from the Emirates tonight.

Today was spent in sleepy Snaith at Alistair's 3rd birthday party. The sun was shining on him and all the grown-up guests his parents had invited - family mainly. Eva amazed everyone with her ability to remain in the same room as a toddler for more than 5 minutes without tears(both of them appeared remarkably relaxed and comfortable with one another - anyone who knows her will know that is worthy of comment)and I cruised his big brother's housemate from behind my dark glasses - very tasty but a tad too young.

They're into Civil War re-enactment. Debbie could easily talk me into a serviing-wench's outfit - and apparently I get my pick of the Officers! I've booked a weekend at Oakwell Hall in my diary for July and I'm practising my Cornish accent - seems so much more appropriate than Lincolnshire High Speech!


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