Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm really pleased I did as I was told for once and stayed away from the office all weekend. The piles of files were still here when I walked in this morning but they didn't look half so threatening and imposing as they had at the end of a very tiring week. I've whipped through them today, well that was once I'd seen 9 sets of clients, responded to about 50 emails and answered a constantly ringing phone. I had only managed to dictate 3.8 minutes-worth of work by 4.30pm, then I had to rapidly sign my post before getting my last clients of the day in to sign their contracts. They were a really young couple buying their first house - they were so excited - wonder whether I'll be acting for them in 2 or 3 years time when they are moving onto their next house, perhaps one with a bigger garden and nursery for the children? or going their seperate ways as more often seems to happen.

The rest from work has definitely done me good, but it nearly got me into deeper water than I had intended. After the experience with Hann the Mann last week I had firmly decided not to even think about meeting anyone else until I was feeling more confident, slimmer and had my roots done. Easy for most people, easy for me too I thought! But since when did I do anything easy! I forgot to factor in the effects of marinading myself in a few bottles of wine over the weekend, culminating in me suggesting to a witty young man from Derbyshire that we go on a mini-cruise to Holland for our first date! It seemed like such a great idea at the time! I've never been on the Hull ferry even though I see it everday on my way to work and he seemed such a nice young man.

Fortunately, he appears to be quite a sensible, mature gentleman, despite being a mere 30 years old (Gosh! Eva would be so proud), and recognized that perhaps I had allowed the wine to cloud my judgement so he didn't go straight to the P&O website and book a 2 for 1 as I had insisted he do! I think perhaps it would be wiser to meet for a drink and chat first, before co-ordinating our holiday plans, just not sure when given the state of my diary over the next few weeks and my inability ot leave the office much before 8pm (it's 19.47 now technically I've finished work, not doing any more tonight - just taking advantage of the peace and quiet and lack of friendly msn interruptions!) At least this time he's seen what I look like, a further side-effect of the alcohol-consumption being my lack of inhibition in using my webcam (I stayed clothed, Eva! Even wine can't stop me being hopelessly shy about my body), and he's still wanting to talk to me which is a positive sign.

I'll have to go and see the Cheese Nazi tomorrow and let her scales decide the verdict - loss of 4lb or more I'll agree a date, anything less than that and he'll have to wait! (If you are reading this I have never lost more than 3 lbs in a week so far, so don't warm the car up!)


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