Saturday, May 08, 2004

Blissful day! Slept 'til about 11 having spent far too long talking to a would-be accountant from the North West and a very unusual Irish giant - it was mad - my son would have been shocked - I certainly was! Anyway, I lay in bed for the entire Jonathan Ross programme reading - not my new novel but a foodie magazine, got all inspired and headed for my temple, St Tesco, as soon as I'd deloused myself in the bathroom. I see everyone in there(Tesco - not my bathroom, it's big but not that accommodating) so it took some time to get around - then I had to head for the rugby club to drop off the Player of The Year shield which CM has to pass on to this year's Superstar of the Park! His old, sadly-missed coach was there propping up the bar - I think he had a soft spot for me as he used to play against, and compete in the after-game bar with my dad. I recieved a very warm reception and some mighty fine compliments. I would have quite happily drawn up a stool and passed a pleasant afternoon with him but I had to pick CM up from some roadside close to where he and his mates had been climbing trees - every time I worry about how fast he is growing up he goes and does something charmingly juvenile and lulls me into a false sense of security about my ability to get through my thirties grandchild-free!

I picked up a DVD on the way home and have just spent the last few hours with Helen, Julie and the rest of the Calendar Girls - loved it! But why does someone else always beat me to these fabulous ideas! First Helen Flipping Fielding and now a bunch of ageing, greying women from a sleepy North Yorkshire backwater with better figures and more spirit than me! Unfair! But then again, all the ideas I have would probably land me in a Libel trial, so maybe fate is kind!

I've decided I am going to try and write - but my printer has different ideas and won't let me see the start of the BBC's books - will have to hope the office manager is too busy to notice me downloading partly-formed manuscripts from a non-legal website next week! Aaaarggghhh! Now I'm thinking about work! Somebody inject me with Gin - quick!!


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