Friday, May 07, 2004

I did it! I pulled the rabbit out of the hat - again! God! I'm proud of myself sometimes. I managed to complete the nasty old down-in-the-mouth dentist's sale so he could move into his new hutch with his buck-toothed wife - I did it for my own client and the other lawyers in the chain - part of me was really quite annoyed that such a horrid bully boy got his way but then I'm a better, more charitable person than him, and the gratitude it afforded me from my colleagues and the agents was worth it. My lovely new boss even gave me a bottle of champagne as a reward for my stupendous efforts and forbade me from going anywhere near the office this weekend - much different to my old boss who would have taken the credit for it himself somehow - and then promptly asked me to spend my leisure time writing some banal report for one of his many pointless meetings.

I'll give you an example of what he was like - there was one night last winter when I was staying late trying to get some urgent things on tape. It had been snowing all day and there was no sign of it letting up. My old Scroogey boss popped back into the office, probably to ring a girlfriend or pull himself off in the boardroom and was most concerned to see me still slaving away at 8pm with the prospect of a 30 mile journey home along country roads. He was clearly worried I might not make it in the car (or indeed back again the next morning) so he kindly informed me that he had no problem with into a hotel? staying the night in the guest room given that he has a huge 5 bedroom house and there's only him and his adorable long-suffering wife left at home? go home straight away before the weather worsened? No!!! It was quite acceptable for me to put some of the chairs together and sleep in one of the backrooms! I could hardly believe what I was hearing!! And to think I stuck it out for 7 years!

So now the weekend is upon me again - I cleaned the house last week so I can't do that again for a good few months! CM is staying at his mate's so I'll pray they stay up in his room surfing for porn or something rather than getting themselves arrested! Saw most of my friends last week and I haven't done anything since deserving of an anecdote to amuse and entertain them. Can't think of anything I want to buy - (Christ! My depression must be lifting! never thought I'd hear myself saying that!)My ex, my safety blanket when I'm terminally bored, is working away so won't be around to play with me. So I'll just have to sleep late, lay in bed even later reading the new novel recommended to me or finishing the last one, and generally slob out - no phones, no demanding clients, no pushy pseudo-lovers! Singledom has its advantages!


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