Thursday, May 13, 2004

I wasn't exactly skiving off early tonight - I mean, ok, so I went to the hairdressers at 5 o'clock but he is a client so it was just like I was still working reeaaallyy! Albeit whilst having my roots done and a few blonde highlights dotted here and there (and he did it for free on account of that fact that I was still working!!!)

He's lovely, my hairdresser - Danny - handsome, funny and unstereotypically straight - what's more he's newly single and gets changed into his football strip to blow-dry my hair! And I don't even have to pay him to do it, he's just getting ready to go straight to his 6-a-side game as soon as he's finished de-HattieJacquesing me - when one of his mates or his equally dishy (and also remarkably unhomosexual) brother are there too, passing the masking papers or holding the ceramic straighteners, I can think of nowhere better than to relax from the rigours of a stressful week. Bliss in a bottle!

There'll be more about Danny over the next few months - very hush! hush! But I'm quite excited about it - professionally of course.

Tonight is the first time in almost a month that I've left the office before 8. I'm on nodding terms with the homeless guy who sleeps in next door's entrance - good job he hasn't got a lap-top or I'd probably be considering accepting a date from him! I've been spending so long at my desk, I'm due a company catheter by June! I'm really not complaining - I love the job and I am very aware that it is not expected, or wished of me, but being a new job, I'm all eager and anxious to make a name for myself. The downside is that where I am usually prolific enough during normal hours to keep 2 full-time secretaries and an assistant busy, doing all this extra means that I ideally need a small army to get through the work I am producing - so it's self-perpetuating, the more I do, the more there is to do, the more I fell I must do!

It's working wonders for my weight-loss! I finally managed to find 2 minutes to heat up a tub of soup at 4.15 tonight - I literally had chance to take 4 mouthfuls inbetween answering the phone and signing letters before I had to dash out ( 15 minutes late, but then when am I ever on time) for my Danny Date. So really it's a win-win situation - the clients are happy to be moving, I'm loving the feedback from the agents, and I'm rebabeing all at the same time! Must confess the first 2 are coming quicker than the last but Rome wasn't built in a day - and nor were my fat reserves!

I rang Eva from the office last night, apparently she's being trying to contact me for a couple of weeks but didn't want to leave a message on my musical answerphone. We are seriously considering hitting Leeds this weekend - her new, pleasingly unusual boyfriend is away working (in Dubai, comedy, can't imagine what his stand-up routine will go like - no I don't even want to try!) so we are toying with the idea of getting the girls together and spending some long overdue quality time with one another. Mind you, if it's anything like the other week, we'll get too pissed on champagne to bother to get ready and end up dancing around her living room to Bay City Rollers, with a bit of Dolly, Madonna and Kylie thrown in, culminating in me emoting wildly to Neil(God)Diamond. My kind of night!

But tonight I will be mostly wearing my dressing-gown in the vicinity of the sofa, watching TV (until my brain goes numb) and wishing that fantastically rejuvenating head massage had been more global.


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