Sunday, May 23, 2004

One could be forgiven for assuming that my sallies into dating land are starting to pay off, given that I have spent the afternoon in the company of a very lovely member of the opposite sex with a swollen apendage. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth - I have been visiting my scrummy godson who recently underwent a little boy's operation and is now enjoying running around in the sun with the perfect excuse to go commando. He is such a brave little soldier!

It was a really pleasant afternoon, sitting in the garden, soaking up the sun, chatting idly, and then enjoying a delicious salad. Steve was a little anxious that Jack, being 13 and having a masters in computer games, would beat him to the next level of his latest excuse not to finish the 101 DIY jobs that Rachel finds for him the minute he gets home from his busy manual job, but he needn't have worried (Jack confessed in the car on the way home that he'd actually finished that game well over 6 months ago, so he had no need to compete).

I considered stopping off at the cinema on the way home. Jack was unusually willing to venture in with me, I suspect because he knows none of his friends go there on a Sunday evening so he was safe from being spotted unfashionably with his mum. In the event, my excesses of chatting on here over the past 2 nights caught up with me and I opted for the quickest route to the sofa and my paper.
I've abandoned that safe haven now, after enduring 5 minutes of Hells Kitchen! I thought TV was supposed to be entertaining! Awful presenter! Awful chefs! Awful vehicle for washed-up sad old has -beens! (Amanda Barrie, you were great as Cleopatra and I really liked Alma - but pleeeeaase!)

I am absolutley not going to be on here for long! Busy weeks starts again in less than 9 hours and I want to be able to hit the phones running! But I might just hop onto my friendly website, just to see who's there and how my newly-posted photo is doing - I'm big on the Continent by all accounts.


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