Saturday, May 22, 2004

I've done very well this week - only 1 really late night at work! I haven't exactly been shirking my duties, at least I've been trying to devote some long-overdue time to some of my charitable activities - oh! and having a facial! Wow! Did I need it!?!

I was buffed and rubbed by Anna - delightful, wee thing with mad Bjorkish bunches - I decided against the hi-tech lifting doobrey! My looks may be fading but I'm not ready for that yet! I opted for the deep cleanse instead. It was heaven! I nearly jumped off the table when she started the shoulder massage! But after a minute or so, it was bliss - I particularly enjoyed the ear-rubbing thing she did - it only lasted a few seconds but my ears haven't been touched by human hands (I still controversially use cotton buds) for almost 5 years - you just don't realise what you are missing sometimes!

I've decided that I deserve a bit more pampering - that's rather a radical turn-of-thoughts for one who hasn't really felt worthy of self-attention, let alone that of others, for some considerable time - so I've booked another for next month - and I have absolutely no guilty feelings whatsoever, which again is refreshing.

The calming effect of the massage had beneficial side-effects in addition to that of my complexion - I went to work in a much better mood than I'd left it the night before! Snapping at my secretary over 25p really isn't how I like to run my ship! Well! Honestly! She could see I was up to my neck in it, trying to get everything ready for my 30-odd (some more odd than others) families that I had moving today, and all she could do was hover for 5 minutes to talk to me about a minor (25p) discrepancy on a Completion Statement! Can no-one else ever see the Bigger Picture? I was more concerned that my 3.8million pounds worth of property would move.

Eva has played a minor, potentially disastrous role in my week. I foolishly sent her 2 photos of diametrically opposed men who I've chatting to - both very charming in their own way - to see what she thought.I wrongly assumed, given that she works for a large corporate venture, that she would be reasonably computer literate and that my emails would remain private - and in a way they did - save that her replt that she "preferred the lanky one!" was sent not to me - but to the hunky rugby player! Fortunately, he has a fine sense of humour and a well-developed competitive streak - so she may have done me a favour in the long run - least I now have a potential new salsa partner - our lessons start in 3 weeks. Wonder how many pounds I'll lose by then?


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