Sunday, May 30, 2004

I took the hire car for a spin this afternoon - to meet a man. I was a bit nervous, Jack was also worried for my sanity and decided to come along with his friend as an unseen body guard. They were all set to cut holes in my Sunday Times and Boo picked a spot at the top of a very tall tower from which they could maintain discreet surveillance. I gave them a fistful of notes though, so they had soon forgotten all about me and were headed for the nearest record shop.

In the event, I was in very safe hands. He was charming and I think even more nervous than I! I'd changed the venue at the last minute - I didn't fancy waddling around a nature reserve in Shantung silk mules, plus I didn't relish the thought of 2 giggling teenagers peering at me from behind binoculars - so Lincoln seemed the better option - something for everyone to do. I recalled my earlier foray into this field and was careful not to repeat the mistake of aimlessly wandering and steered us quickly in the direction of a smart bar where we proceeded to sup coffee and while away the afternoon getting to know more about each other. Much better to have eye contact and the chance to use body language - and it seems to have worked - he's online now and still very keen to chat - even talking about meeting again. Phew! So maybe I'm not entirely repulsive to all except the care-in-the-community community.

So all in all a pretty good afternoon. Thanks, Peter - I promise I'll leave the Killer Teenagers at home next time.


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