Thursday, May 27, 2004

It's almost 8pm and I've just finished preparing my completions for tomorrow. I don't like to cut it that fine, there are enough things that can go wrong and cause enough stress for me as it is, without the prospect of having forgotten to request mortgage funds and not a hope in hell of getting them in time for the clients to move. I've never actually done that in over 16 years but there's always a first time, and I seem to be chasing my tail so much just lately that it could strike at any time!

Fingers crossed, they all look reasonably ok - a couple of estate agents haven't got their bills through to me yet so they may have to wait a few days to get paid - so there are some benefits to being overworked! Cup half full, girl. me!!

My lovely boss and I have interviewed a potential new Personal Assistant for me tonight. I'm not sure whether she'll take the job - she is likely to see it as a step backwards given that she is currently running the show at another firm, albeit by default when the solicitor left and wasn't replaced immediately. She's probably not quite ready to be in the deep end with us big fish yet and is floundering about a bit, a few years under my expert fin and she'd have the makings of a good career - but anyway, we'll see what happens. She's very tall, slim and blonde - and did I mention 21? -but she's got massive feet - canoes for shoes -I like to know I'm better shod than my junior team players. Listen at me - Eva's coaching is beginning to play off - my first instinct was to say "underlings".

I'm off home now, still another 45 minutes drive but the scenery is really pretty and if I'm lucky I may just see the sun setting over the Humber Bridge. I've done really well the last few nights and more or less gone straight to bed when I've got in rather than sitting chatting to interesting cyber-hologram men. I've had a really stressful long day today and know I've got an even worse one coming up tomorrow - normally a trigger to reach for the Shiraz to help me forget about it - but I've got to be up early to take my car to the garage. I'm getting a hire car while it's in the plastic surgery unit. Not sure what but the lovely lad from the hire company promised me something of a higher grade than a bloody awful Corsa or Fiesta! I'll probably get an Astra! Oh well, I can just pretend I'm a Sales rep as I drive across the Pennines tomorrow night! It's got to be better than being a Conveyancer on the last Friday of month before a bank holiday and half-term!!


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