Thursday, June 03, 2004

I don't know why I bothered getting up today. Yesterday was bad enough - £75 at the vets before even 9am! - but at least Darius has still got his eye! Jack had a sleepless night thinking he'd lost it to a big nasty street cat! He was so traumatised he even asked to come to work with me! Spent the day helping with the photo-copying, filing and post and enjoying being asked if he was on work experience from college and watching everyone's reaction when they heard he was my 13 year old son - I got a bit fed up with the comments about our comparative heights, specially as he leans nonchalantly on my shoulder at any possible opportunity! He particularly liked the jokey m-pegs my boss kept sending him until I pointed out to them both that I had work to do and neither of them were there for fun!

Yesterday did end slightly better when we headed into the UCI on the way home. I managed to stay awake through 2.5 hours of Harry Potter - a recommendation for a film if ever there was one, given my extreme fatigue by that point.

This morning I took Jack and Luke rock-climbing, or at the least, that was the plan. I hadn't actually booked it so I was stuck with 2 boys, kitted out for extreme sports, in the centre of a rainy Hull with everything shut except the shopping centre. The did do a bit of ice-skating, but soon got fed up when they fell over too much and realised there were no pretty girls to impress so they went back to the cinema and Jack sat through HP again - poor Luke, hope he didn't have a running commentary throughout. They still managed to munch through money like there was no tomorrow -but if it left me in peace at work I figured it was worth it!

It came as only a mild surprise to me when the brand spanking new hire car made a small cough on the way home, just as I was approaching a very busy roundabout, at the height of the rushhour. I had heard how economical diesel engines are but even I was beginning to think there might be something wrong with the fuel gauge after it had apparently only used 1/8th of a tank after 432 miles! So we then waited patiently for half an hour, accompanied by teenage stereo farting, for the AA man to come and rescue us. I was just glad no-one passing would recognize my car - not a hint of mud, peeling Iron stickers or bent bumpers in sight.

I managed to get Jack home in time to go out for a birthday tea with his grandma while I headed off to a bereavement client, only 15 minutes late. That went better and my woes have now pailed into insignificance.

Jack's back now and screaming for the keyboard - so I'm going to have a very small glass of wine and then maintain my early to bed routine for yet another night! It's nearly the weekend!


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