Monday, June 07, 2004

It has been glorious sunshine outside today apparently. I've had to take everyone's word for it 'cos the only window in my office looks onto a grotty inner courtyard full of pigeon guano and rats, probably. I can't wait to move upstairs into my new office. It has 3 large windows, a huge old fireplace and a large walk-in cupbord, currently housing half a dozen filing cabinets - they are having it decorated for me! I get to pick the colour scheme! How exciting! I have wondered about suggesting they turn the glorified filing cupboard into a plush ensuite shower room so I have somewhere to get changed when I turn my attention towards running in my lunch hour- stop spluttering Eva! I used to go after work along the river bank so why not during the day?

We had a shower room at my old office. It was a double shower - always made my mind boggle why but then the boss was a very strange man! There was only really me that ever used it - well at least openly - living so far from work makes it difficult if you have anywhere to go in the evening. The first time I used it was just before a Works' Christmas party. I had a head full of conditioner when I noticed the water wsn't draining away. I panicked, I really didn't fancy a huge inquest into how I had managed to block a brand new shower and flood the new offices. I had to turn it off, splash myself with all the soapy water in the shower tray, and then turn it back on very quickly to rinse my hair! I was not impressed! It did give me something to provocatively tell the boss about after a few glasses of wine and alerted them to the fact that the plumbers had filled the waste pipe up with mastic, or whatever that squirty sealant stuff is called. It took them a week to come and unblock it - my scummy hair-filled water stagnating there the entire week - yuk! Not my proudest moment.

I've just talked myself out off having them plumb this cupbaord for me - I'll just use it to lock my secretary in when she threatens to revolt!


Blogger MIKE DA HAT said...

I laughed until I stopped. Great story.

8:26 pm  

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