Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ladies! There are handsome, sexy, well-mannered young men on this thing! I know! I just met one.

The Newton Bombshell!He was a little bit late,(only a few minutes but they seemed to go on forever) not his fault-accident-I managed not to run away but it did take a fag to keep me there and then I wished I hadn't. I was really nervous and wishing I'd chosen one of my fab new summer tops rather than my safe cashmere jumper- not a great choice for a hot early summer Sunday. I was really tempted to head back home and change - but the longer I dithered, the less of an option it became.

My trained teenage assassins were on alert and texting me for money for ice-creams - bless, this internet-dating is becoming as much a part of Jack and Boo's weekend as mine. I promised them a fiver to stay discreetly in the background. I spotted him driving in - and then didn't know what to do - should I stay by my car and watch him search? no - being a Taurean I took the bull by the horns and walked up, legs of jelly, hoped he wouldn't notice them, being all pale and not my greatest feature.

We lounged in the sun sipping champagne and munching on strawberries - very civilised. He was cool as a cucumber ( pointless apparently), not even phased when he poured half his fizz down his leg. I was really wishing I could suck it out for him but I'm sure I didn't give myself away. I can flirt like mad with someone I know is safe, but put a stud in front of me and I dry!

I would quite like to see this dark-haired Bomb again but doubt I will. I get the impression, without him actually having given much away, that he tends to go for tall leggy blondes with few brain cells - or maybe tall leggy blonde doctor types - either way, not short, chubby red-heads with teenage bodyguards in the background. The fact that he didn't give much away spoke volumes and I didn't want to keep asking questions in case it felt more like an interview than an afternoon in the sun. It was really a pleasant few hours and I can't wait for the day that I don't feel quite so inhibited by my weight and can actually flirt to my utmost ability - I'm really good at it and quite enjoy it but I am finding it hard to get back into the swing- and shy doesn't suit me!

I didn't go straight home but popped to see an old school mate and his wife for 20 minutes which turned into 3 hours and a pretty fab barbecue with his mum dad and 5 month old baby (he was 11 weeks premature so still very tiny). I noticed an ugly black bruise on my knee which I hadn't spotted earlier - maybe it was from when I kicked myself all the way back from the park.

Any way, all said, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about myself - sun and good company at the weekend has helped- a dancing date on Thursday, dinner the week after and a potential trip to Belfast in the offing all combine to keep me smiling and away from the cheese board.

Right - work!


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