Friday, June 11, 2004

I've made it to the end of the week and I still have some energy left. Quite remarkable given the number of late nights I've had - that Pro Plus stuff must be seriously good - either that or my body approves of the tee-total evenings I've had this week.

It's been quite eventful, well, for me at least. I'm beginning to see the benefits of knocking all the extra-curricular committee-ments on the head leaving me time to either really crack on at work, or else start to have a social life again. I've packed as much into this week as I would probably have done in 3 months this time last year. That's not to say it's masses, but by my standards it is - I've had 2 social encounters with men, spent a few hours with 2 seperate lots of old friends , catching up on each others lives and tomorrow I'm going to a gig with yet more friends. I'll have to watch I don't burn myself out!!

And all this in a week when I should have been sitting a Public Law exam which I managed to wriggle out of on the pretext that I was still getting used to my new job. I don't feel guilty either - I couldn't have performed as well at work if my mind had been on that, nor would I have had time to revise, so each area would have suffered - and I'd have been mostly wanting to lie on the sofa under a blanket in a semi-inebriated state.

Instead I have had a cracking 3 months and will have payed for my annual salary in bills delivered by a week on Thursday - anything after that until February is sheer profit - so I feel I have rewarded my lovely new bosses faith in me - justified my miraculously cured bank account (if anyone had told me this time last year that it was anything but terminal I'd have scoffed at them - but this - it's almost biblical in its transformation, there are still a few old wounds but they are healing quite nicely and not giving me any pain whatsoever and the experience has humbled me into being much more careful with my spending habits - just a bit concerned that Jack is showing signs of the illness) - and have interviewed quite a few potential candidates for my Conveyancing Assistant's role with a few more in the offing - so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The best of it is that people have started noticing the weight I've lost,(now that can't be good grammar - surely they notice the weight when it's there in the first place, and miss it when it's gone) and I'm beginning to lose some of my inhibitions as things like my waist reappear.

And all these great things happening to me right now cannot be more aptly-timed for I fear I am about to become THE ONLY SINGLE ONE in our small but happy circle. Yes! Eva has been popped the question - she hasn't answered it yet - well at least she hadn't as we were texting one another as I drove home from failed-salsa attempt in Derby (the Evil Forces had simply conspired to get me there too late to make the class, no other reason)but she must be taking it seriously because she's already thought about her hen night or at least Roger the Fiance's suggestion that I could go over, we could sit in her lounge all evening and she could wear an L-plate on her back! I could not think of a more fitting way to celebrate! Nothing too far removed from one of our ordinary social nights but with a passing compliment to the traditions the occasion warrants - and if we stayed in instead of going to Barcelona, Dublin or Blackpool - we'd be able to afford Cristal, so we'd feel that we were particularly stylish and happening girls about town - had we bothered to get ready and go out.

He clearly doesn't know what will happen as my confidence continues to increase and the true me starts to reemerge from my winter shell - he'd better tell his best man to watch out!!


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