Friday, June 18, 2004

Martin rescued me from another late Friday in the office with a very well-timed call inviting me to the pub! I was happy to accept - I've not seen much of Martin since I started my fab new job and he makes me feel a little guilty about it - but then I did introduce him to Sophie, and I hope they both remember that in a few years time when they are choosing Godparents for their first born.

I had to let him buy my Diet Coke 'cos I'd left my purse strewn across my lounge floor along with most of the contents of my handbag, having left hastily this morning - v late for work and cussing a handsome tall Irish cutey who manages to get me into trouble despite being hundreds of miles away and my firm resolve to go to bed no matter how funny or appealing his messages might be! I really must learn to get some more will-power!

I collapsed on the sofa when I got in just after 7 - I managed to grab a few winks before the phone rang and disturbed my slumber - it was Jack- he'd fallen out with his friend and needed picking up. Normally by that time on a Friday I'd have poured the best part of a bottle of wine down my neck and would have had to send him home in a taxi - but having slept, the wine was slowly reaching room temperature and I was still alcohol-free - apart, of course from the remains of last night's excess still seeping out my pores. So I obliged, thinking he would be waiting meekly on his own near Kwik-Fit. How wrong was I!!

There was a mob - not kidding - with Jack in front - I drove around the roundabout and pulled up on the brow of the hill, expecting him just to get in and maybe give Torven a lift home too. I wasn't expecting a brawl to erupt over my bonnet and Torven to start thumping ten bells out of Jack - and then kick my car!!! He's so blonde and quiet - and Jack was not retaliating in any way - not that I imagine he was entirely blameless - but he's twice the size of Torven Cosmo! and is very aware of the damage he can do - he was ever so upset on the way home - crying, apologising - it all started over a daft bobble hat - see they are just still kids even if they are starting to feel a bit more grown up and don't know what to do with their testosterone.

Anyway, he's gone to bed after a bath and a cuddle with his mum - he's got a big athletics meeting tomorrow - and then he's hoping I'll take him to the Designer Outlet near York on the way home but I'm hoping it gets too late - I like having money left at the end of the month instead of the other way around. But I also like having a very lovely son, who really is maturing incredibly well - and just the best company ever - shame his friends are not all quite at the same state of development yet - glad I'm not a teenager anymore - just behaving like one!!


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