Monday, June 21, 2004

I must be the only person not watching the England-Croatia match judging by the groans and cheers I can hear from the pubs outside the office - and they are all quite a way off so I dread to think what is happening out there. I was keeping up with it on Yahoo Sport! but it froze at 43 minutes - I think we've just gone into the second half having equalized. It sounds like I'm missing an exciting match -typical!

But then how many people will turn up for work tomorrow having polished off 4 client reports with 6 full tapes for their secretaries to get cracking on. I'm interviewing tomorrow so I need to make sure I'm on the ball (no pun intended, see above). I hope England take the lead, my lovely new boss might show his darker side if not, and I wouldn't wish that on the poor interviewee.

Right! It's 9pm - I want to get out of the office and back to the car before the ugly Northern yobs pour out of the pubs, braying for blood. and more importantly bafore my friendly little off-licence man shuts!


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