Sunday, June 20, 2004

I should have the mother of all hangovers today, as I was still chatting on the phone 'til a ridiculous hour. I was probably talking jibberish too. I smashed one of my favourite glasses - only 1 left now- I shall treat it carefully.Wonder I got up in time for this athletics thingy today. Jack told me it was 12.30 so I rushed about like a mad woman - got half way to York and realised it was still only 10.30 - the little sod had tricked me - so we pulled into Safeways at Willerby and had a big breakfast - nothing like it to set you on your way for the day./

Jack came 5th out of 8 - not bad given that he was a good 2 years younger than most of the other combatants. He enjoyed it too - much less nervous than last week. But he has a really swollen chin from his fight last night - looks like a lop-sided hamster. He's really embarrassed about it. It's just so typical of him - his form teacher had taken my mum on one side yesterday to have a quiet word about Jack - not a grumble this time - apparently he's a dream to teach at the moment and long may it continue - then he goes and does something stupid like fall out with the lad down the road. Kids!!! and me so young!! No wonder I have grey hair!!

Talking of which, Super Danny is putting some more blonde in on Thursday - move over Debbie Harry - Cheryl has entered the arena!


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