Sunday, June 20, 2004

Why do the weekends go so quickly? and why do I never seem to achieve any of the things I plan to do? I just about manage to do the washing, give the place a very very quick once over, and then it's Sunday night again and I have to think about getting up early.

I love long lay-ins at a weekend - would be better if I had the Sunday paper delivered, and a handsome man to bring it to me along with a cup of coffee - he could read the Sport pages, and help me with the Crossword (but only if I asked him - I wouldn't want him starting it before me), and then insist I had another cosy slumber while he got on with the lunch preparations! Aaaahhh! To dream.

I did at least get over to see Dad this afternoon. He seemed thoroughly underwhelmed with his posh Penhaligons scent library, but little Emily was thrilled with her Beauty Box that I'd bought her as a special treat from her big sis. I was dying to get her to open it and try on the glitter gel and hair mascara but her mum had other ideas and told her to keep it for when she next had a party to go to - spoil sport.

I never did the usual girlie stuff as a kid - I always had my head in books - or wanted to play on the rope swing with the boys in the wood opposite, until the local farmer recognized me as one of the kids playing Chicken - swinging out just as he came down the hill, he told my Dad and that was an end to that for the summer - we had to decamp to the local river and swim off the slipway - until the local eel-farmer recognized me as one of the kids riding a bike off the jetty just as he was coming down stream...............

Kathryn was always the girlie one - she had a huge Sindy house - ex-display from the local toy shop - every single item of furniture and accessory then available - she used to get really cross when I snuck in and put Action man in very compromising poses with her dolls - funny - she never picked up any of my books, and she always hated playing Scrabble with me.

Emily's a bit of a girlie girl too - so I bought her some stilts for her birthday this year - boys toys were always much more fun - somethings we never grow out of!


Blogger Andy said...

what on earth is a posh Penhaligons scent library!!

12:35 pm  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

It's a very stylish tin of miniature bottles of every aftershave in the range, of which there are about 12- my favourite is the Lime.

7:50 pm  

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