Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's my First Knickers Day!!!! The anticipation has been immense - what would they be like? who would they be from? was I wrong in ruling out dental-floss-esque styles?(anyone that knows me will be siding with my better instinct on that!)

So - white, lacy, hipster midi, French styley! Very nice actually - and as I haven't done any washing this week - arrived just in the Knick(!) of time! from Julie in Gloucestershire - I have a sneaking suspicion she might be a friend of my cousin Jennie - the lazy buggers in Hull haven't done it yet!

Gosh! I bet you are wondering what on earth I'm going on about! I know discussing my underwear is a bit extreme even for me. I've taken part in a Knicker Exchange. I was a little taken aback when I got the letter - very much like a chain letter - in fact, it IS a chain letter - but as it was from Lisa, who in turn had received it from Ali, I could hardly refuse - and it's hardly onerous.

All you had to do was send a pair of brand-new-label-still-attached-no-trying-them-on-or-letting-your-boyfriend pants to the persons name at the bottom of the letter. I sent Ali a sexy black and pink thong thingy - I think John would have liked it too. Then just send on the letter to 6 friends, with the instruction to do likewise.

Eva refused - think she was a bit embarrassed that she might not have so many friends - either that or she doesn't wear knickers when Roger is around and doesn't want to run the risk of him finding out that she does wear them normally - and will always be in large, tummy-hugging stretchy nylon numbers as soon as ever they are married. Better just not to open the topic!

I think everyone else is game! Kathryn was so keen, she sent out at least a dozen letters - I can't wait to get the knickers from her friends - they are bound to be posh!

I'm going to go and try on Julie's gift now. I'll keep you updated on how many and what type I get.


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