Thursday, July 01, 2004

I was in bliss for an hour and a half tonight! I cannot remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

I had a facial complete with head and shoulder massage. I think I dozed off a bit - cos Gianna re-entered the room just as Mum was about to tell me that all my Received Files had been sent to her PC too! That would have been a total nightmare - no expert needed to analyse that dream!

It's funny - you encounter all types on here - and some you accept, some you reject, some you are indifferent to - much like reality really, only easier - you can press a "Block" button and instantly all is well with the world- but I wonder how many of the people that you actually choose to correspond with would be chosen in everyday life! How many people do I dismiss as not clever enough, not witty enough, not interesting enough, not attractive enough? Would I gravitate away or towards them in an ordinary situation? Surely, we'd never meet otherwise.

I quite liked getting text messages from that sexy blonde (not my usual type) solicitor at this morning - I didn't reply - he needs to think I am wholesome and in bed at that time(as of course I alomst was) - it put a smile on my face and I didn't even mind being at work when he and Jack (seperately) had the day off to go and watch the Test Match at Headingley.

Now I'm just wondering what he will think of tomorrow as an excuse to email me! and also wondering if this is all just in my head and he really is just thinking about the particular case in hand. Time will tell.


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