Friday, July 09, 2004

Victor est arrivee! (if anyone knows how to type accents, please let me know - I can do it in Word but not sure on this site). He is very polite, if a little quiet. Jack and he seem to share a common love of eating and generally lounging about making my newly-decluttered house look positively hovel-like. Fortunately, they can spend their time in my Mum's lounge while she is away.

I managed to get them to school on time, I was a bit late picking them up again and then again for the meeting tonight but 1 out of 3 isn't bad for me. The meeting was over and done with very quickly so I needn't have worried aobut getting to the cricket. In fact, I really needn't as it was cancelled due to a water-logged pitch. I was looking forward to that too!

I dropped a card and some B&Q vouchers through Vickie's letter-box, she saw me and beckoned me in so I had a coffee, saw her fab dress and heard all about her day. Jack and Victor had originally not really wanted to go in, but after 7-year old Tom showed them his hamster, gerbil and the mini-fridge in his bedroom, they were quite happy. I swear I even saw Jack help Olivia dress one of her Barbies.

I've just dropped them in the next village so Victor can meet some of Jack's friends. Apparently a dozen or so of them are coming over for a party tomorrow night. They were meant to be camping but given the typical British weather we are having I imagine I will have a houseful of excited teenagers lolling all over the furniture instead. I can't argue, well, I could, but as Jack knows about the party I had when I was 15, which still gets mentioned to this day by total strangers and has featured on Friends Reunited, I have a very poor defence.

Oh, and the completion with the Cute Suit went very smoothly, all done by 11am - we had a very brief conversation to confirm it before he dashed off to court. That would normally have been sufficient, there was absolutely no reason for him to call me back just after lunch for a general chat. I felt a bit sad that the matter had come to an end and reminded him that we would have no cause to speak again but he reassured me that there would be some "snagging" issue that was bound to come up next week. I hope he thinks of one quick!


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