Sunday, July 04, 2004

I wasn't sure whether Ian was joking when he promised to wear his thong to bring breakfast this morning. I was so relieved when Lynn, his recently-installed girlfriend knocked on the spare bedroom door and handed me a coffee and a plate of warm buttery crumpets.

I used to work with Ian. He's a real sweetheart, 56, ex-CID, came home one day to find a note from his wife of 35 years to say she'd left him for a younger man who she'd been seeing for the past year or so whilst he underwent surgery and chemotherapy for throat cancer. It gutted him as you would imagine, but he's turned the corner now and seems genuinely happy with his new lady.

We were all going to a party at Ian's cousin's. I now work with Neil and was looking forward to meeting some of my colleagues and their partners out of the office. It was a fun night - not as riotous as the one last week - and thank goodness for patio heaters. I think I was the only single one there but it didn't stop the women from talking to me - which was nice!

Thankfully, I had very little to drink, by my standards, so I had no trouble getting up early and home in time to pick Jack up from rugby training. We then had to hot foot it over to the Showground where Jack was taking part in the Athletics at the local agricultural show. He came third in his race - his school second overall and it stayed warm and sunny -result!

We've just popped home for him to have a shower and then we're going over to Rachel's. Wonder what room she'll have decorated this time? There's a different colour every time you go round - wonder if she'll hire Steve out? I might feel more inclination to tidy up if it didn't still look so grubby after I'd finished.


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