Thursday, July 08, 2004

I very nearly drove to Lisa'a last night for Vickie's hen night. In fact I did drive there, after waiting 20 minutes outside, my shiny smooth hair getting blown all over the place, for Vickie not to pick me up. We'd spoken earlier and I had thought I'd arranged a lift, but apparently not. I passed Vickie just as I got to Lisa's, having arrived without me and being immediately sent out to fetch me. After a bit of toing and froing, I was persuaded to take my car back, with Vickie following behind - bless she'd done that short stretch of road 4 times already.

Lisa had recycled some of the gifts she'd been given on her hen night in Newcastle 4 years ago, including Blow-Up Brian who we'd handcuffed her to for a while wearing a flashing sash and Neil's leopard skin silk boxers(!)a whip and vibrator the size of a small child. Vickie is the new custodian of these items, to be passed on to the next one of our group to get married. I'm not losing any sleep over where I would have to store them!

We had a really good laugh and I took full advantage of not having to drive - particularly as I had today off work. I wasn't up too early though - managed to start cleaning by about lunchtime - and I have worked like a demon. I can now confidently welcome the French Exchange Student into my home later this evening without worrying about the state of the place. I needn't live in fear of anyone dropping round unexpectedly either. I am going to make a concerted effort to find a cleaner before it deteriorates into squalor again.

I am worrying about how on earth I am going to juggle work, school runs and all the other social activities that are planned over the next couple of weeks. Mum and John are going to Silverstone tonight to see the Grand Prix at the weekend, so I can't rely on them for transportation.

Tomorrow, I have to get both boys to school for 8.15am, then get myself to work across the Bridge, hoping my completion with the Cute Suit goes well, then head back for 3.30pm to pick them up, feed them , get them back into town for a Welcome Reception for 5.30pm and then over to the KC Stadium for a cricket match at 7pm, picking Sophie up on the way. And that's just the first day! There are 13 more to go like that! I can feel some more weight-loss coming on!


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