Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yesterday was Jack's birthday. He didn't get the motorbike he wanted - had to make do with new aggressive in-line skates. He seemed pretty chuffed with them - and so was I - they were half price! And he knew it - so I ended up taking him and Boo out for a Chinese - starters, duck, main courses, skipped the puddings - Banana fritters don't really do it for us, coffees, I drew the line at brandy and cigars - he is still only 14, even if the tarty young waitress thought he was about 17! Flirt!!

We were the last to leave the restaurant - maybe I've created another hedonist in the family - we can even have a good time on Coca-Cola.

I was in sensible parent mode all night and even went to bed when I got in - sans wine, sans chatting, sorry, Throbbie! It did mean I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning - had a stupendously productive day today - both Ling and Lang were back at work, and one of my colleagues lent me a spare secretary so I'm almost up-to-date - think I may even have found a suitable assistant at long last - but I've got 2 more to interview tomorrow so we'll see what happens by the end of the week. I once considered HR as a career - don't think I would have been cut out for it though.

I also managed to exchange contracts on that case with the Cute Suit from North Lincolnshire yesterday - I was tempted to drag it out a bit longer so as to prolong the need to continue the flirty banter but then I'm secretly hoping he is being professional and waiting for it to finish before he invites me out - then again, he's probably just being professional and that'll be the last I have to do with him for another 10 years or so!

I had intended to rush home from work at 8pm tonight to start delousing the house before the french exchange student turns up on Thursday night - a fortnight - not sure my shoolgirl French will last much beyond Friday morning - but Sophie called and asked me round to her posh new pad for supper - (this must be how a midwife feels being invited to a christening of one of her deliveries). We had a lovely evening - the time flew by - it was 11.30 before we knew it and I had to say my good-byes - not before having a good old yarn about Martin - another of my potential successes bringing those two together - that was pure inspiration!

I've got Vickie's unexpected hen-night tomorrow - nothing ostentatious, but that's Vickie for you: self-deprecating, shuns any form of attention, patience of a saint, incredibly kind, thoughtful, and sensitive, wickedly funny,- I'm sure it will be hilarious - we all go back over 20 years and have been recent partici"pants" in Knicker Exchange thanks to our host, Lisa (I'll save her description for another blog - and an update on my most recent underwear parcel).

And thus ends another perfect day when I have yet again managed to avoid any form of housework or domestic activity whatsoever.


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