Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I'be dot a dold! I thought I was just in a crabby mood when I woke up yesterday but the sneezing started by about 10am and it was rapidly downhill, mainly down my nose in fact, and by last night I was shivering, coughing and could barely breathe - I just about managed to stay up to watch Grif and his ruins and then turned in for the night - wish I'd realized that the non-drowsy Sudafed meant stimulant! I endured one of those nights where you toss and turn and seem to look at the clock every hour and only 5 minutes has passed - I then fell asleep at about 6, just before the alarm went off.

So I felt rubbish all day, perked up a bit when I got some emails from Cute Suit ( I got one at the weekend from his home address too :-)) and then had to sit through almost 3 hours of boring meeting before waiting in the car for 45 mins for Jack and Le Brow to leave their disco - I utilised the time by reclining the seat and having a snooze - God! when did I start to turn into my Dad!

I hope I feel better tomorrow - I want to start looking for an outfit for Eva's wedding and nothing looks flattering when you have a big red shiny nose and puffy eyes. But then again, it's nice to have an excuse to look awful rather than the fact that you just do!


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