Monday, July 12, 2004

The French boy's Unibrow has more personality than he himself has! I have rarely come across someone so uncommunicative. It's going to be an incredibly long 2 weeks. He's polite and all that, but he just doesn't do or say anything - and it's not the language barrier, I'm sure - I can babble on about rubbish just as well in French as I can English.

He came with me to Presentation Evening tonight. Granted, it's dull, even I was beginning to lose the will to live, especially when the orchestra started up with Mambo No.5 and we were expected to clap along - I think that was just because they didn't have a conductor and needed help with the timing. To think what I must have put my mum through for all those years - and at least this was quite modern and upbeat - not Gaslight Gaieties and The Dambusters! We did The Winner Takes It All once - I had to do the Intro on the sax - took me weeks to get it right and once I had that's all I played (and The Muppet Song)for months, nay years after.

Jack got the Sports Prize - bless! He's supposed to be taking part in the District Athletics tomorrow but has suddenly developed a surprising desire to ensure that Le Brow doesn't feel excluded and has rather opted to go on the day trip with the exchange students - I suspect the fact that they are calling in at Meadowhall for a few hours has more to do with it - all his birthday money burning a hole in his pocket.

Just got off the phone from Eva - she's set a date - the Glorious Twelfth! And I'm invited!! She's already worried about what I'm going to wear - especially when I mentioned this PVC fetish site that someone had told me about. Well she said I wasn't to choose anything too pale to ensure she shines on her big day - what can be more different than a boned quarter-cup corset and matching spanking skirt! The PVC trench coat would prevent any embarrassing photographs! She's such a control freak! - lol


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