Monday, July 19, 2004

I am despairing of my French ward. He has expressed interest in only 2 things - rugby and Lord of The Rings. Yesterday I took him into a Dungeons & Dragons type shop where they sold all sorts of models and battle gear - he just looked around, shrugged and walked out.
This morning he was invited to the rugby club for the training but he chose to stay in his room - all day! The boy is clearly bored at best, thoroughly miserable more likely. Ben came over with his motorbike this afternoon and he didn't even raise his brow! I was blagged into going and getting them some petrol and Jack & Ben disappeared off to churn up some field somewhere down the bottom end of the village.
Conscious that he hadn't come out of his room even for food or drink, I rustled up some Tuna Melt and a glass of apple juice and then invited him to Tesco with me - I know it's hardly the most tempting offer for a teenager, but I did explain he could choose what he wanted to eat in his pack-up tomorrow and that there were lots of things he might want to buy, cds, dvds, magazines,clothes, sweets etc. Personally I love nothing more than wandering around foreign supermarkets, I always come away with lots of exotic goodies and a few comics or magazines to look through. He swiftly rejected the idea and continued to make notes on Napoleon! I think he's still seething from Agincourt! Honestly! I cannot understand why on earth he got involved with this exchange when he obviously hates the English (I'm not so paranoid that I think it's just us - it really is a national thing). It's bothering me, but I do have to realise that you can't win 'em all.
He ate all the Lasagne I cooked this evening, left most of the salad (that was Italian, perhaps he just dislikes all things pas Francais) and did venture out long enough to watch some TV with Jack, although I'm not sure he ever spoke.
I watched a bit of the golf, just in case I bump into the Cute Suit anytime soon, helps to do a bit of homework sometimes, and I found myself strangely enjoying it - I didn't know you had play-offs in such an ambulatory sport - bet the ball would have ended up on the beach if Beckham had been taking a swing.


Blogger MIKE DA HAT said...

Time for more fan mail. My French exchange student was similar. Didn't want to do anything we did. Except I had to stick him for six weeks three in each country. Luckily I got on well with his brother. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I bet you've got nearly your whole foot in the water by now.

12:19 pm  

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