Saturday, July 17, 2004

To add insult to injury I got stopped by  a random police check on the way home from work tonight. Had I been drinking? No!! I had not! It was 9.50pm on a Friday night so he can be forgiven for thinking I should have been! I'm sure he had a look of pity on his face as he waved me on.
That small delay meant my regular offie was shut so I've had to come home after a gruelling 13 and half hour day to half a bottle of poxy cheap mid-week Chilean Chardonnay. It's the weekend! I know it! You know it! Will somebody please tell my life that!
I'm still sneezing, coughing and spluttering. I was very tempted to curl up in a ball under my desk and weep like a baby at one point today but I'm nothing if not determined so I fought my way through it. I've actually had a very productive day - Ling has gone! I haven't taken a lunch break all week (who am I kidding - all year!) so I hadn't bought her anything - not even a card - but as more and more people started asking me how to spell her name - is it "ra" or "orah"? I was finally shamed enough to pop out to M&S and get her a really stylish plant and card. I even splashed out on Vanilla Slices for the entire floor!
I was really nice to her as well - with hindsight I realise the whole experience would have been so much better if I'd tried that at the start of May instead of 2 hours before she left! Not that I was nasty - forfain!! I never am! but I can be a bit of a salty cow sometimes.
Anyway, my good deed paid off! I had an email from Cute Suit whilst I was away from my desk, followed by a phone chat ( I made sure the girls had gone home and shut my doors) and further text messages. It has lifted my spirits enough to decide to brave London myself with Jack and Le Brow tomorrow (I rang my Mum at lunchtime when I was feeling particularly poorly and sorry for myself and tried to bribe her into taking my place with the promise of lunch with my sister paid for by me, but she saw through the ruse and realised it would also mean traipsing around with 2 moody teenagers in the rain).
I figure I can sleep all the way there and back (I'll take my book just in case) and if all else fails I'll shove some cash in their hands, point them in the general direction of the Trocadero (hope they don't miss it and end up in SoHo) and Kathryn and I can head for a swanky wine bar.
Got to go! Up at 6!!!!! ( Lord! It is the weekend! Give a girl a break!!)


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